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My Story

I had it “all” . . .
but something
was still missing.

As a busy mom with a “successful” career, you could say that the jet-set lifestyle finally caught up with me. It was a pain in my neck (literally) that brought me back to life, to alignment, and to finding my purpose.

Today, I am committed to helping others tap into the wisdom of their bodies to navigate their own transformation. By reconnecting our bodies and being, we can discover our purpose, passion, and authentic connections with others.


Mona Hidayet sitting on couch listening

Somatics 101

What is
somatic coaching?

Deep and lasting change occurs when we physically embody new habits and practices — that’s the somatic difference.

In addition to the thinking, feeling, and practical components that traditional coaching methods focus on, a somatic approach engages the body in this process.

Physical Practices

Discover physical postures or “practices” that are in alignment with the person you’re choosing to become.


Explore powerful breathing techniques that can put you in touch with more of your vital life force.


Support transformation with simple touch points for releasing stored tension patterns in the body.

The Science of Somatics

Modern neuroscience and recent epigenetic research support a somatic approach to change. By working with the body, we can literally rewire ourselves at the nervous system level.

Real change
takes practice.





Mona sitting on desk

Somatics 101

Ready for change?

Today, we have a lot on our plate. Life keeps winding us up to go faster and do more.

If you’re like me, chances are your sole focus is trying to keep up with demands.

You’ve worked hard and juggled everything life has thrown at you. On paper, everything looks great. But inside, you’re craving something more…

Meaningful connections & relationships

More rest & rejuvenation

Experiencing joy

Healthy boundaries

The Process

Three steps to transformation

It’s time to reconsider the highly-coveted “jet-set lifestyle”. Instead of constantly rushing from one thing to the next, let yourself be surprised by what you can accomplish when you take time to grow.

01.   Jet

You’re constantly on the go.

Let’s press the pause button long enough so you can hear yourself think. I need to hear your story – and you probably need to hear it too.

02.   Set

Ready to envision where you want to go?

Together, we’ll define what success looks like. In a method backed by neuroscience, I’ll guide you toward practices that allow you to physically embody the values most important to you.

03.   Grow

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

Trust that I’m at your back every step of the way. A somatic approach to transformation means you won’t just think differently, you’ll BE different.


Think different.
Be different.

Greater well-being

Authentic connection

Life balance

Improved confidence

Increased capacity

Self-love & acceptance



Backed by science, driven by results

What people say . . .

Working with Mona has been a profoundly powerful experience. Mona’s approach of guiding me with gentle wisdom to find and align with my personal truths and power has been instrumental to my healing journey. She has consistently provided me with what I have so deeply needed- someone who can help me find and legitimize my own voice and wisdom. I could not be more grateful to have found her.

My work with Mona has deeply shifted how I relate to work, exercise, and my creative life in ways that I’ve been seeking for a long time. I felt meaningful progress after only a handful of sessions with Mona, and since then I have continued to be impressed by how empowered and capable I feel after every session we have. Mona offers insightful questions, observations, and guidance that help me to notice what’s blocking me from living according to my values–and how that feels in my body–so I can move through those patterns and access more choice.

Everything about this process and my time with Mona has been life-changing for me. Mona’s insight and keen attention to the ‘not so obvious’ lends to her excellence as a coach. She digs deep, enabling you to reconcile past traumas; and rather than staying ‘stuck’ in the past – she motivates you to move forward and discover what truly makes you happy. She holds you accountable to follow through with your goals and live a healthier, happier life.

I have been working with Mona for a few months and it has been a life-shifting experience. I have spent my life caught in my head, with many bodily ailments shouting for my attention at one point or another and promptly being ignored. That for me became no longer an option and with Mona’s support, I have started to unpick patterns of behaviour, beliefs and stories, leaving me lighter and more connected to myself than ever before. The mix of somatic activities, compassionate questions and Mona’s empathetic insights make each session enjoyable and fruitful. I am so grateful for all I have learnt and how Mona has guided me back to myself.

I have been trained by the organizations above,
though make no claims of affilliation or official endorsement.

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